Use Your Current Tools

Create a DCIM solution using your current tools.   Users are trained and comfortable with them.  Processes are in place using the tools.  What’s missing?


OBTAIN will integrate data from multiple tools to create your custom DCIM solution at a fraction of the cost for highly promoted DCIM products.

Multiple Viewpoints

Floor Views, Rack Elevations, Power Infrastructure, Data Path connectivity,

VMs and Clusters,

Networks, Zones, Circuits,

Applications, Business Services

Internal Customers

Asset Management

Charge Back

Dynamically Generated

Use OBTAIN to plan and document every detail of your equipment, power, cable assets.  Everything from virtual machines and application to full data center facilities.  Customers describe it as “A tool that is obviously designed for the people who have to do the work.”  But OBTAIN also aggregates this vital low-level data into metrics used in your decision process all the way to the C suite.

The focused Alarm and Notification features of OBTAIN will save you time and money while providing the assurance key asset dates and operational situations are being monitored.



Management wants to know what the cost of an Application is.  Or maybe the cost of a set of applications and equipment used by a Business Service.  Where do you begin to get this information?  And will it be accurate?   The OBTAIN database has a detailed model of the entire infrastructure in a data center or network of data centers.  With OBTAIN you can integrate application and business service data from your other tools and databases to get the holistic view required for the tough questions.   Days and weeks of data gathering and compilation are eliminated.  If your executives have a favorite dashboard tool, OBTAIN could push real-time cost and resource usage information right to their desk.

Everyone likes a pretty picture.  Especially if it helps them communicate a complex message.  But, are you being paid to make pictures?  Or to plan and implement changes … as quickly as possible … no errors allowed!

OBTAIN generates complex connectivity diagrams and spreadsheets automatically.  The OBTAIN database models the physical and logical relationships between equipment.  It combines an understanding of the function each asset performs and how it relates to applications and the business services your enterprise depends on.  Rapid, accurate communication.  Dynamically generated.  So you can focus on the job your expertise is best suited for.




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